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Coaching for Action or Coaching for Change?

How do we coach for transformation and sustainable change?  How do we empower our clients to go beyond just actions and short-term solution?

This is the space I operate in.  There is a science behind the methodology.  I am an expert of the process, not the client’s story.  This is the power of transformative coaching.  You can layer it on top of any existing service, product, or offering to create that deeper and more generative change that sticks.


How do we create a reflective space out of a logical one?  How do we create an opportunity for our client to shift?  How do I extract the client’s true expression of desire?  How am I in service to my client?

Director of Training

I am very passionate about sharing knowledge and experience in order to allow my students to experience their own shifts first and foremost as part of their developmental journey.  Here is cohort 256 feedback after 4 weeks of Learning from November 2020.

Program Director

 At Coach Masters Academy (Canada), we are a community of professional and coaches who want to create change.  We had 1000+ graduates in 2020, and offer 4 LIVE DEMOs per month, 12 exclusive communities of practices, and delivery in 40 countries around the world.

Mentor Coaching

Whether it’s for ICF credentialing or personal growth, having your own mentor to reflect and explore your own potential is part of the feedback loop of development.