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Kiangsu Chekiang Kindergarten (KCS) Interview

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Kiangsu Chekiang Kindergarten (KCS) Interview

Don’t ask why I am interviewing at another school.   I like options!  Plus, my sister has been raving about KCS because her daughter is currently studying K1 there that I had to see for myself what the hype was about.

Application Process:

Application process starts probably early September of every year.

Download the application form from their website:  Kiangsu Chekiang Kindergarten (KCS) – unfortunately, there is no English version of this website for the local stream.  So I do a mouseover the hyperlinks to find the appropriate tabs.

You get a response by a returned self-posted mail in end October – November regarding early December Interview dates.  For K1, it happened to be LAST Saturday (December 4, 2010) and K3 will happen next week (December 11, 2010).

Interview Day:

Go early because it’s a first come first serve basis on the interviewing.  Although they recommend the time to show up, they pretty much put you in line with respect to the time you show up!  For K1 wait, it took about a good 45 minutes of waiting because they have 1 classroom with 6 teachers interviewing in Cantonese & Mandarin.  If you want the interview in English, go upstairs and wait a whopping 1.5 hours because of supply & demand.  We ended up taking our chances in Chinese and while I understand Cantonese, I needed my husband there in case it was Mandarin or difficult Cantonese.

The waiting area is the main foyer where they have laid out toys, cars, houses and play mats for the kids.  We arrived at 11:30 AM to find the place swamped with people.  Children everywhere!  It was definitely far more crowded than I expected, so I can’t be sure how many people were applying.  Just LOTS!

There is no dress code for the interview.  I wore skinny jeans and boots and my husband dressed his usual.  While there were some parents in their finery, I honestly don’t think it matters.   Yes, first impressions do count and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, but of course don’t dress your child in pajamas (likewise yourself).

During Victoria’s interview, they asked (in Cantonese):

Questions to the child:

  • What is your name?
  • Identify colors (red, blue, yellow, green, orange and pink)
  • Who is the person beside you? (points to mommy)
  • Who is the person beside you here? (points to daddy)
  • How old are you?
  • Do you have any brothers or sisters?
  • How old is your sister?
  • What is your sister’s name?
  • From the table, can you bring me something green?  (Table full of toys)
  • What is this?  (points to banana)
  • What color is the banana?
  • What school are you studying at now?
  • Identify parts of the face (eyes, ears, mouth, and nose)
  • Do you like school?
  • Can you build a puzzle with these pieces?

Questions to the parents:

  • Will you require bus service?
  • Are you OK with the fact that the bus might sometimes be late?  (because of traffic conditions)
  • Is your child OK with mosquitoes?  As they go out to play and sometimes, there are mosquitoes in the playground.  (This question to Nicholas’ mom during his K1 interview that same day).

Victoria was able to answer all but 2 questions.  She said her sister was 3 and half (but I have to give her a high five for the great attempt) and she couldn’t answer what school she was currently at.   In general though, both my husband and I were in awe at how quick and at ease she was at answering the questions.  Of course, nothing works like a good bribe before the session (a pack of Oreo cookies to be opened after she answers the teacher!).

The reason why the interviewer also asked about the bus was because she said that last year there were many parents who were complaining about the buses being late.  And they took up many of the teacher’s time away from teaching to handling parental complaints about something that was out of their control.  To me, it’s not at the top of my priority list for my child development – so no brainer right?

Anyway – Vanessa’s K3 interview is next week.  I am not sure what they will ask, nor do I know how to prepare so I’m just going to go in blind and serve Vanessa up on a platter as she is.  The point is, this is her capabilities at her most natural and if there’s no fit, don’t force it.

G’luck with your interviews and all the best.  Keep you posted on next milestones.

Below is a picture of Natalie’s current K1 class at KCS (Courtesy of Tracy).


Review of Kornhill International Kindergarten – the school my kids are currently at now.

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  • Mark says:

    My son also had a very similar interview in Dec 2010 for K1. We just received a letter confirming he has been accepted. We are so happy he will be attending the afternoon session. He will still go to Montesori classes in the morning.

  • Lisa says:

    Congrats! My daughter also just got her acceptance letter for the morning class – but am debating about whether to move her here or keep her at Kornhill International because that runs from 9-2 (so almost full day). AH… the problem of too many choices! I know many parents that do 2 session in 1 day – keep the kids busy! Lisa

  • Gabriel says:

    Where does your daughter go now?

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